Yosemite Blast

The September 17~25, 2011 Mountaineers Blast for first time Yosemite hikers, scramblers and climbing 
Our goal is to have a number of campsites in close proximity in Upper Pines Campground.  
  • 2 hikers campsites
  • 2~4 free climber / scramblers campsites 
  • 2 ABW campsites
Each campsite accommodates 6~8 and the Curry platform tents and Yosemite Lodge are reasonable alternatives to camping.  The Curry pizza deck, Curry Buffet and Yosemite Lodge cafeteria are great alternatives to camp cooking.  

The ultimate Climbing / Hiking / Scrambling destination  ==> Yosemite

  • Camp near the campsite where John Muir hosted Teddy Roosevelt in 1903.  It resulted in Yosemite becoming the first NP.  
  • Repeat John Muir's first ascent of the SE Buttress of Cathedral Peak, a 5.6, 50 Classic Climbs in North America
  • Hike 4 mile trail for a most memorable sunset on Glacier point (with cheese & wine). 
  • Scramble up Half Dome's cable route for a birds eye view of the Valley, North Dome, Mt Watkins, and the high Sierras
  • And many, many more Classic hikes, scrambles and climbs including the highest concentration of 50 Classic Climbs in NA
  • Watch the Sunset on Half Dome while maybe a 100 climbers set up camp on El Capitan.  Without their headlamps or your large binoculars its hard to even see them.  
  • The Yosemite Climber