FT7 Crevasse Rescue Instructors Guide



same as students.  Dinner will be provided.  


This is the crevasse rescue evaluation FT.  Students should show proficiency with all aspects of z-pulley setup.  

Additional Info:

From the Field Trip Guidelines doc--

Skills Assessment--Evaluation FTs

The Rock Eval FT and Crevasse Rescue FT are considered evaluations in which the students should demonstrate proficiency and safety in the skill without explanation or prompting.  Those skills are assessed as pass/fail. Bring any instances of "fail" assessment to the attention of the Field Trip Leader immediately.   Any instance of a "fail" will result in the student failing the entire FT and not being allowed to continue in the course. Please be vigilant at all times for any action that could result in personal injury to the student or others.  Be prepared to step in and correct unsafe situations before they result in injury.